Grillz Mould Kit

$99.00 inc. GST

or 4 payments of $24.75 with Afterpay

Looking for a unique gift for your special someone this Christmas ?

We have made up these easy 3 step Mould kits –

All you have to do is take an impression of your teeth

and send it back to us in the included returned paid postage bag and the first step to making your grillz is done, no need to go to a dentist!

After we receive your returned kit you can order your grillz, easy as that. We can do single teeth grillz plain gold or diamond encrusted or multiple in a row.

Pack includes;

  • Putty for mould
  • Impression tray
  • Instruction Pamphlet
  • Free return shipping post bag

It also includes free shipping for arrival as well


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